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Association CEPI & GIPE

CEPI was established in Brussels in 1990 as an international non-profit organisation. Its members are national associations based in Europe representing estate agents and property managers. The mission of the association is to support European and cross-border real estate transactions by developing the work and activities of real estate professionals with the interests of the consumer in mind.

The association aims to raise standards in the real estate professions, promoting that real estate brokerage and property management be conducted by qualified professionals with high ethical standards. As the European Union and its rules and regulations continue to impact further on the real estate market and the activities of real estate professionals, CEPI also aims to use its combined strength to bring the views of real estate professionals to the attention of policy-makers in the EU, and to address and find solutions for their practical concerns in dealing with the implementation of EU policy and legislation. Therefore its work has an emphasis on European policy, lobbying and having an active presence in Brussels.

CEPI also has a limited number of partnerships with other European and international associations to exchange information, points of view, experience and expertise. In some cases these partnerships can lead to joint projects.

More than this, CEPI brings together faces, representing professionals in the service of priority target groups. This enables the different actors in the network to become involved, and represents the added value that participants find in CEPI for their daily work. This close cooperation is increasingly important in response to the challenges and opportunities introduced by globalization, new technology and the changing demands placed on real estate professionals. It is against this background of profound change that CEPI is called upon to offer real estate professionals a confident future, working towards a deeper and better informed view of the European real estate market in all its many different aspects.

The Professional Association of Real Estate Managers in Promotions Buildings (GIPE) is an association of the most qualified professionals in the real estate field with offices around all the country of Spain. GIPE members offer technical and commercial advice for the sale and purchase of its property developments.